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In no particular owner
  1. Make her first time a one night stand
  2. Get drunk with her until she lets her guard down
  3. Have sex to a childhood memory
    I.e. Watching Jurassic Park or Friends
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At the moment these are the only shows I'm watching that aren't on hiatus or just left or idk I like a lot of shows damn it
  1. The Newsroom
    I wish Jeff Daniels was my dad boss.
  2. Fear the Walking Dead
    I never really watched the actual walking dead but this was better I feel like
  3. The Mindy Project @mindykaling
    Because why wouldn't I want to know what my life will be like in a few years?
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  1. My cat Annyong knows a thing about class #symmetry
  2. Probably the last book I have read in 2015
  3. My first craft booth for my non profit gallery
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