1. Chunks/bits of fruit in my yogurt
  2. People who don't recycle when recycling bins are easily accessible
  3. Random male strangers who tell you to smile
    If you are a man, never fucking say this to a random woman. Even if you think you mean well, you do not mean well. Female faces are not here for your personal enjoyment! I could write a whole list about this.
  4. When people call their significant other "daddy" or "mommy"
    Ew ew ew
  5. Corny inspirational quotes
    I know some people love this but I hate this. Just grinds my gears.
  6. Continued: when people say "everything happens for a reason"
    I whole heartedly disagree. If I'm ever going through a hard time please don't say this to me.
  7. Raisins
  8. Vanity license plates
  9. When girls pose in pictures and twist their bodies to try to show their butt at the same time as their face
  10. Chipped nail polish (on myself)
  11. People who wait to get right in front of the metro gate to look through their bags for their metro cards, thus holding up everyone behind them
    Monsters. One of the many public transportation pet peeves.
  12. The song "blurred lines"
    "I know you want it" = vom
  13. When you eat oatmeal and forget to clean the dish right away and it gets all crusted on
    I love oatmeal though
  14. Falling asleep with earrings in
  15. People who consistently tip poorly and/or treat their servers badly