Important directives
  1. If it's not a "hell yeah!!" then the answer is probably "no"
  2. If there is a will, there is a way (only if you're beautiful and/or brilliant, so be either one. If not, you're screwed. If you're both, then you can be whatever you want!)
  3. Life is short, do as many important things as you can today
  4. Trust in God, everyone else bring me data
  5. Event + Response = Outcome. You can't change the event that happened to you, but depending on your RESPONSE to the event, the outcome of the event will be totally different. Choose your response carefully, and your future will be drastically different.
  6. People who say it's not about winning don't really win often
  7. If you don't understand your friend, or you think your friend is crazy, he/she is a different type of crazy than how you are crazy. Move on and meet new friends who are crazy in similar ways as you.
  8. It's not about reaching perfection, it's about getting better
  9. Being compassionate and generous doesn't mean you have to give all your money to charities and homeless people
  10. Do not expect people to go above their lids too much. If someone's lid is 3 out of 10, expect lid 3 results. Do not stress about the whys and how's of someone else because it is due to who they are
  11. Life's mottos should not be a definitive list, but change as you go through life