1. Dwight rides in on a horse as shirtless Vladimir Putin. "I fear one man in this world, and in channeling that man, I eliminate that fear."
  2. Kelly dresses as sexy Ruth Bader Ginsburg. "She's the Beyoncé of the Supreme Court. I thought about going as Beyoncé Beyoncé, but I would NEVER forgive Jay Z, so it would look like I was trying too hard."
  3. Creed sees Kelly's costume. Wistfully: "I knew Ruth Bader. Oh, yes. Ruthie girl. You never forget the one that got away."
  4. Kevin is Ken Bone. He repeatedly welcomes others to the Bone Zone, cannot keep a straight face.
  5. Angela, a pilgrim, covets the neck doily on Kelly's costume. Kelly refuses to say where she got it unless granted veto power on the Party Planning Committee.
  6. Jim and Pam dress as the rabbit and fox from Zootopia. Dwight, in disgust: "Please, Jim. You don't know the first thing about foxes!" Jim has memorized dozens of fox facts.
  7. Michael is Anthony Weiner. Gleefully: "I have waited YEARS for Anthony Weiner to be topical in October. When I saw the boner photo with his little kid lying next to him, I was so happy."
  8. Andy dresses as Dobby the House Elf. Speaking in a Dobby voice, he asks Michael for a sock. Michael, refusing to break character as Weiner, rebuffs each request. Andy corners him in the break room. Whispering: "Michael, I know it's you. I know it's your sock. I want it."
  9. Despite his costume, Michael misses every chance for "that's what she said". The entire office notices and various people set up the joke on purpose. Jim: "I've never liked pumpkin carving. I hate getting goo all over my hands." Michael: "Yes, same! My hands, the floor, walls – it gets everywhere. Makes me gag."
  10. Kelly bursts into tears when she sees Oscar dressed as RBG too. Oscar: "I'm a gay Mexican immigrant! Of course I'm going to be her! She's my hero!" Kelly: "Why couldn't you be a funny Mexican immigrant and be a taco bowl!" Oscar, to camera: "Dammit, that would've been better."
  11. Ryan is Ryan Lochte. "Names aside, you have to admit the similarities are striking. I know what it's like to be a wunderkind, to be misunderstood."
  12. Meredith dresses as Donald Trump. "You bet I'm voting for him. The guy tells it like it is. Everyone makes a big deal about the groping, but c'mon ladies! Live a little!"
  13. Stanley's wife spends hours making him a crossword puzzle costume. Stanley is excited to solve himself. Kevin spills coffee on Stanley, rendering several key clues unreadable.
  14. Darryl walks in as Prince. Andy starts singing "Purple Rain" a capella. Darryl, expecting this, retrieves a backup costume from his car.
  15. Phyllis, in a pantsuit, is Hillary Clinton. "Growing up, I never thought I could be a saleswoman, but look at me now. I hope little girls look to Hillary and believe they can be anything." Michael: "Women's pantsuits are disgusting. And that's not a sexist thing to say, because I've worn one. It's not sexism if you can tell women what it's like."
  16. Toby dresses as Harambe. Michael: "Don't tease us, Toby. We all wish you were actually dead."