It's all fun and games until you realize the game isn't fun. It's just stupid and scripted and you're watching too much of it and they never really win that much money because taxes.
  1. Is that your final answer?
    A classic and also the theme of my sister's 11th birthday party (in 2001). Honestly though now it just reminds me of Meredith Vieira and how she ruined everything by leaving the today show.
  2. $1, Bob.
    I do NOT understand the logic behind this move or the legality of the rule itself but I won't deny that it makes contestants look fly af
  3. Survey says...
    Can be substituted for "show me....facial hair!" ❌❌❌
  4. You are the weakest link goodbye.
    This is a throwback tbh. I don't overuse it because my mom already over-overused it and ruined it forever but I think it still has great cultural significance (boss lady host) so it made the list
  5. Pack your knives and go
    I mean hello this is probably the most recognizable game show line and is brilliantly unrelatable to any other event ever because when would that even happen irl?
  6. I'd like to solve the puzzle
    This is just a desire i articulate when I get really frustrated while doing puzzles