Note to self: clear search history on a weekly basis to avoid post-mortem judgments
  1. "Rafi" (my name) in llama font
    Ab7d6fdb be0a 4a97 8cd0 868d7772b30a
    There is a website that does only this ( and it is glorious
  2. Hours of the cafe in my gym
    Yes, I scurried in and out with my head down to pick up dinner
  3. Skylar Astin (of Pitch Perfect fame)
    Cute in the nice Jewish boy kind of way that I can't seem to deny
  4. "Betches Love This" Reviews of Bachelorette episodes
    Only thing I love more than the Bachelorette is talking a lot of shit about the Bachelorette (have tried to find human partner for this but no luck as of yet)
  5. Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis
    Dream threesome
  6. Lagunitas Undercover Shutdown
    Name of the one beer I got drunk off of at 2 PM on a Tuesday / am convinced could tranquilize a hog
  7. How many times bigger is Africa than the US
    Won a bet with this one!!!!! (5)
  8. Testicular cancer WebMD
    Know ur warning signs ppl
  9. Capybara in a swimming pool
    Strongly recommend
  10. Cheese with soft white center
    Can't get you off my mind, you mysterious beauty.
  11. Calories in Starbucks "cage-free egg white turkey bacon breakfast sandwich"
    Don't bother, I've already judged myself
  12. Three Stooges Popcorn Bowl on Etsy
    Why is finding this such a challenge? Basic needs
  13. Obamacare
    Still don't get it