And it's not pretty
  1. Felt a momentary urge to write a non-rhyming poem
    With some references to things I wouldn't want my mom to see ya know what I mean
  2. Watched High Fidelity on Netflix and identified with John Cusack, though we plainly have nothing in common
    Jack Black singing Let's Get It On gave my some real feels tho
  3. Questioned sexuality upon meeting Marie De Salle, AKA Lisa Bonet
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    What's wrong with you Cusack I mean really. You missed out on a great thing pal
  4. Considered listening to some Taking Back Sunday
    Or Mayday Parade, or really anything by a screaming emo teen with "Honor" tattooed on his forearm and maybe a sick skull on his left shoulderblade
  5. Counted how many hours/minutes it's been since a boy I barely know texted me
    Did our imaginary relationship mean nothing to you ?
  6. Thought about how I should just like, go travel
    Maybe I should start a blog and call it something cute and cultured like Wanderlust??