Warning: uncomfortable depictions of polygamy and graphic make-outs ahead
  1. The Love Book by: Rafi
    Before I could add I knew that a longing, wordless stare into each other's eyes = true connection
  2. Once there was a girl named Hana that was in the same class as Josh and they had a crush on each other. And look there's me!
    I believe this is a root of my attention-seeking behavior. I also prefer to believe that the backwards J in Josh was a personal choice of his (God, how individualism just gets me)
  3. Now I am Hana's best friend and Josh has a crush on me too. Well I new Josh for 2 years and Hana new him for one so I give "invise"
    V selfless if you ask me
  4. I don't relly have a crush on Josh he's just my friend. Now my name is Rafi (with mean brother Jerry)
    More attention-seeking behavior with a side of denial
  5. Sometimes I wonder if Josh would ever...
    Dramatic cliff hanger: mastered
  6. ...Give me or Hana a "bukay" of flowers
    Not that I even want them I mean I am so not into him but it's not my fault if he wants me too right? Right ?
  7. ...or put up a date...
    How all dates should be: wearing poof-sleeved dresses and a tuxedo underneath a rainbow
  8. Or even get married!
    And obv be bridesmaids at each other's weddings to the same guy! But seriously, if your faces aren't morphing into one face you are making out wrong.
  9. Bonus page
    Some Powerpuff Girls and Sailor Moon might distract you from the previous depiction of early troubling signs of social and romantic deficits!