1. People do what they want to do most of all.
    Meaning regardless of a situation or timing or any other variable, people are doing the thing they want to do at any given moment. Chip Wilkins, my ex-neighbor
  2. Revenge is a waste of time. Eventually everyone needs everyone, and the person you want revenge against will need you one day. Your revenge is that they or someone they love needs you.
    Life is cyclical and one day your oppressor or his family will need you. You win if you help, they lose if you don't. Just wait it out, it works every time. My dad, Thomas Daniels.
  3. Living well is the best revenge.
    Self-explanatory. Calvin Tompkins by courtesy of Debra Rosen.
  4. If you want me to love you again, don't ever spank me again.
    Brute force does not win true allies. Written as a note by my sister Angel Daniels age 4 at the time.
  5. If the oxygen masks are released, first secure your own in place, before you assist your neighbor.
    Metaphorically speaking, if you aren't at your best capacity, you are useless to those around you, and you'll run out of air if you don't take care of yourself. Every flight attendant ever.
  6. Moisturize.
    It really is the secret to looking younger. My mother bathes in it.
  7. Never travel more than 9 miles over the speed limit.
    Cops will almost never stop someone for traveling less than 9 miles over the limit. My grandfather, James Pendarvis.
  8. Don't limit your sex partners by number, limit them by how incredible you expect the experience to be.
    I was feeling slutty years ago, and my therapist Dennis Cash, told me to alter my motivation. I sought sex for affection and I suppose release. He told me to save it for making memorable experiences. I have lots of memorable experiences.