...when they find out I grew up in Hawaii. And some of my answers. #808state
  1. Oh my God, you're from Hawaii?
    (The reassurance seems to legitimize me every time.) haha, yeah. ✌🏽️ legit ✌🏽️ quit you feel me?
  2. Why did you LEAVE?!??1?!
    ...I mean, there are a lot of good reasons to leave. You ever googled "cost of living Honolulu"? But yeah sometimes idk either.
  3. Do you SURF oh my Goddddddd
    Nope. Ironically, I'm the only one of my sibs who never did. And actually, despite the internationally famous spots, not as many Hawaii locals as you'd think take up surfing. If your parents don't surf regularly, chances are even if they used to, they don't pass it down.
  4. So you're international?
    No. Hawaii is a part of the US.
  5. Oh come on. Do you really think Hawaii is a state?
    Um, I know Hawaii is a state. It's common knowledge. There are 50, and Hawaii is the 50th. If you want to learn about Hawaii before it was annexed, you've got wifi.
  6. Do you like spam?
  7. Oh EW! REALLY?
    ...yes. And you probably like something I find distasteful as well. For instance, the concept of grits makes me want to vomit. Nature and nurture man. I've eaten spam since I remember being able to chew.
  8. What does it taste like?
    Lunch meat. Salt. (The blood of my enemies.)
  9. Do you know about Pearl Harbor?
    I'm no expert, but I mean... it's US history AND world history.
  10. Will you make me a flower lei?
    Don't have the supplies.
  11. ...will you make me a not-flower lei?
    ...are you going to pay for the supplies?
  12. What should I do in Hawaii??!?
    Learn something interesting. Hawaiian culture is rife with bone-chilling mythology and history. Hawaiians believed in some pretty intense stuff (death penalty, castes) but also many cross-cutting concepts like sustainability. There's so much more than pretty girls at a luau or a boring photo of Diamond Head. Go on a hike.
  13. Do you miss home?
    Every day I dream of shoreline, soft rain, mountains and waves. And the sun.
  14. What's being from Hawaii like?
    Weird. I don't know why people here find multiracial families so sacrilegious, I have never been on a road trip more than four hours and not calling everyone older than me Auntie and Uncle makes me awkward. That's the tip of the iceberg.
  15. Will you go back?
    God, I hope so.