No clue if there's any science to this but here are some things that make me feel less wild and more centered
  1. Daily: looking at my planner and to-do list
    Being prepared for my next day is CRUCIAL because I can't remember anything which is why my planner is permanently with me. I legit spend 4-8 hours every semester creating a schedule and doing my best to balance everything. Constantly looking at my to-dos keeps me aware of everything. This doesn't work for some people I know because having a long list makes them too distressed.
  2. Daily: a solid musical interlude
    Put ya headphones on and drown out everything else for a solid pause.
  3. Daily: sorting my emails
    Archive them. Put them in folders. DELETE THE USELESS ONES. Pin the long-term important ones and keep the ones that need response in my inbox. Having a reckless email is silly because spongebob, we have technology.
  4. Nightly: showering
    everyone I know with anxiety or depression goes into spirals where they don't shower for days. Maybe this sounds dumb to the emotionally and mentally stable but if you have a friend who's been down for awhile, you should ask if they've taken a hot shower lately.
  5. Nightly: decompressing
    I have to spend at least 20 every night just reflecting about my day; choices I made, things I said/texted, plans I had and if I achieved them, how I feel, etc. Sometimes I journal (blog) or write a five-item list of nice things to focus on positives or three things I could've done better to think about self-improvement.
  6. Nightly: bedtime ritual
    Post-shower madness!! Flossin (yehhhh u herd me), brushing my teeth, putting crap on my face, usually doing a lil mirror dance, cleaning my glasses... I have a super specific ritual and it always makes me feel happy about BEDTIME. Also, it keeps me on schedule because I like having time to do this ritual exactly how I want to.
  7. Weekly/bi-weekly: SHEET MASK 😍
    I ♥️ Asian sheet masks - Japanese or Korean, I highly recommend the Pure Smile brand and really like the milk essences. This shit is like a tranquilizer. You can't NOT feel chill af. Idk it's really beneficial to do super often, but it is so nice to awkwardly peel one open and grotesquely stick it onto my face after a long week. ✌🏽️
  8. Weekly/bi-weekly: BIG LAUNDRY DAY.
    I like doing like... five loads in one day. Everything smells fresh to death AND folding (one of my most hated chores) can all be done in one day.
  9. Nightly: last call!!
    spending 5 minutes tidying a couple of little things and picking clothes to wear (usually for me, a 30-second experience) for the next day saves time and stress and generally makes me feel accomplished when I tuck in 😁
  10. Whenever: crocheting+activity
    Activities that pair well: reading news, watching TV, chatting with friends. Instant brain numbing effects for me. Can't think icky thoughts or get overly anxious when my brain is trying to make a blanket AND do something else.
  11. Whenever: working out
    Run, swim, lift, play a sport, do a class, have a yoga sesh -- the chemical reaction always helps me. this should be a regimented part of my rituals but I've fallen from that horse.