1. My mom's mattar paneer with basmati rice and homemade yogurt
  2. The chicken soba salad from Soba Nippon on West 52nd Street
  3. A five-way chili from Skyline
  4. An entire pint of butter pecan ice cream from Graeter's
  5. A pound of strawberry Starbursts
  6. A bag of Keebler iced animal crackers
  7. A Whatchamacallit
  8. A flight of Chicago deep-dish pepperoni pizzas
  9. An Animal Style In-N-Out burger
  10. A slice of Cake Man Raven's signature cake
  11. An Autumn Spice donut from Peter Pan
  12. A bag of Werther's Original
  13. An entire carrot cake with cream cheese frosting