1. Steel Magnolias
  2. The First Wives Club
  3. Mean Girls
  4. Huit Femmes
  5. All About Eve
  6. Bring It On
  7. The Care Bears Movie
  8. Waiting for Guffman
  9. Clue
  10. 9 to 5
    Suggested by @SGGinNYC
  11. Ruthless People
    Wow. Bette Midler has sure made a lot of revenge comedies.
    Suggested by @SGGinNYC
  12. Outrageous Fortune
    "Nine years of ballet, asshole!"
    Suggested by @SGGinNYC
  13. The Witches Of Eastwick
    The combined power of Cher, Susan Sarandon, and Michelle Pfeiffer would dehulk the Hulk so fast, they'd have to put him in Ant-Man.
    Suggested by @teo