1. 10. Kyli Sperling
    A recent Cornell grad originally from Toronto, Kyli Sperling is a self-proclaimed “post-chanteuse” who accompanies herself on ukulele, alto sax, and Blueprint Cleanse bottle. Her signature style includes a Spongebob Squarepants sweatshirt and glow-in-the-dark tattoos. Her debut EP, Hear the Feels, is available at Etsy.com.
  2. 9. Lucas Dodo
    Lucas Dodo hails from the great state of California, where he grew up making artisanal bat-milk gouda. His favorite instrument to play is a Fabergé egg. Five years into his New York residency, he has just signed a two-year lease on a kati roll café in Kew Gardens. Instantly recognizable with his green hair and ample collection of matador boleros, he is currently working on his first concerto.
  3. 8. Paprika
    Paprika plays back-up Stradivarius for Lucas Dodo. She is a rat.
  4. 7. Mr. Mrs.
    A hologram, Mr. Mrs. was created by an anonymous individual using Pro Tools and a Lite Brite from a pop-up bazaar in Bay Ridge. Personal heroes include John Cage, Angel Olsen, and the Aurora Borealis. Its first single, “Ms. Miss,” is currently at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
  5. 6. Marissa Mucker
    Using her iPhone 6, Marissa Mucker remixes any and all announcements about subway statuses and delays. Her first LP, Sing Away from the Platform Edge, is currently taped to the bottom of seats on select Rockaway-bound trains.
  6. 5. The App Store
    The App Store is Theodore Blake, co-founder of the startup QuickSpice, which prepares masala for Indian restaurants and which currently has a valuation of $15 billion. Proficient in piano, violin, trumpet, and the programming language Joomla, he sings and occasionally raps songs about love and war. He is currently launching a Kickstarter to fund his first EP.
  7. 4. Spin Kardashian
    Equipped with her three turntables and sleigh bells bought in the holiday section of ABC Home, Spin Kardashian claims never to have seen the show of the TV star from whence her stage name is derived. She has been known to throw one of her Birkenstocks at passengers who try to board the train before departing passengers have left the car. She commutes in from Philadelphia.
  8. 3. This Station Fortune Tellers
    Former roommates at MIT, Rosalind Brown and Tate Forrest make up This Station Fortune Tellers. Using a combination of cards, crystals, powders, and Google Chrome, they can tell you which train you’re taking next.
  9. 2. U2
    U2 is one of the biggest music acts in the world.
  10. 1. Your Mom
    Your Mom is the L train.