1. It's greater than the sum of its parts.
    It's not just "the lesbian musical based on the graphic novel." It's a complex, layered, fully-realized piece constructed with extra care and inspired artistic vision.
  2. The score is magical.
    Jeanine Tesori's melodies and motifs are genius, and Lisa Kron's lyrics are perfectly-matched with them to fully evoke the intricate emotional patterns of the endearing, flawed, conflicted characters onstage.
  3. "Ring of Keys"
    This song alone deserves everything.
  4. It doesn't pander or condescend.
    It approaches queer identity with a perceptive, critical, yet entirely humanizing eye.
  5. It's a multiple character study that does justice to all of its subjects.
    The character of Alison, in triplicate, is a marvel, but so are the portrayals of the parents, especially Alison's troubled, striving father, Bruce.
  6. It's truly unique.
    There simply hasn't been anything like this on Broadway -- not just because of its queer themes but because of its expert construction and musical resonance.
  7. It provides once-in-a-lifetime roles for its actors.
    For starters (literally), Sydney Lucas is an eleven-year-old demigoddess of the stage.
  8. It made me cry like a baby.
    And it'll do the same to you.