One man's trash is another man's pleasure.
  1. Nick Carter
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    Look: I'm not going to waste anyone's time, here. Nick Carter is the raison d'être of this group -- fresh-faced, frosted, innocence mixed with its complete opposite. And that lisp, tho.
  2. Kevin Richardson
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    Soul patch aside, with a little Stanley Tucci-in-Devil Wears Prada black magic, this dude would look high-fashion af. Also, remember when he played Billy Flynn on Broadway?
  3. Brian Littrell
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    He's so sweet that his poor little heart couldn't take it! He's a charming advocate and seems genuinely nice. Also, that cut back to him on that high melisma in the "I Want It That Way" video is major.
  4. Howie Dorough
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    So cute but loses a few points due to paucity of vocal pyrotechnics. Sub-ranking of hotness of celebs named Howie: Howie Long (I know) Howie Dorough Howie Day Howie Mandel
  5. A.J. McLean
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    I just can't ever forget that he was Skunk on the short-lived TV series Hi, Honey, I'm Home!