Seriously: stop it.
  1. "Baked into"
    e.g. "The strategy will be baked into the final result so that it feels seamless." Not only is this now a cliché; it makes me want a cupcake.
  2. "Let's put a pin in that."
    How about we put a pin in YOUR FACE?
  3. "Covered off"
    e.g. "Let's include the images with the text so that we're covered off on having everything ready." Yes, I'm judging you by your "cover."
  4. "So sad"
    e.g. When something awful happens to a celebrity and gossip rags post the story with these words as mock-sympathy. So gross.
  5. "Swipe ______"
    Must EVERYTHING lead back to Tinder?
  6. "Unputdownable"
    The scourge of books and the publishing world.
  7. "I thought this was an Onion article, but it's real."
    The worst of the worst.
  8. "I'm gonna go ahead and stop you there."
    Oh, ARE YOU?
  9. "That show is still on?"
    Ooooh, you're SO cool for watching two seasons of an amazing TV show and then giving up.