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  1. 1.
    They own 4 different types of blenders
    Magic bullet, ninja, vitamix and regular
  2. 2.
    They have an unhealthy obsession with vacuuming
    God forbid there's a spec of dog hair left on the floor
  3. 3.
    They don't eat food at the table
    Table is mostly for mail and coats
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**Employee of the year**
  1. For staying up to date with current events and for reading about the crazy things said at GOP debates
  2. For all of my pop culture news/to find new material to tweet about
  3. Twitter
    Mostly to keep up with @ess and all my Twitter crushes (Igor Volsky, Sam Lansky)
  4. Self-Sufficiency Research Clearninghouse
    Work self-promotion//follow us on Twitter & Facebook
Things I deemed important to document at some point
  1. That owl sweater is on my xmas list meep
  2. How I feel most of the time
  3. Reasons why I wish I was a dog
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