It was the Tri-State event in Englishtown, NJ
  1. I signed up in January as a good motivation to train for something.
    I didn't
  2. If you ever do one do not fear the obstacles, fear the running.
    You can look at the course map and be scared to go over 15 foot walls or dunked in a dumpster of ice but I found those to be an welcome respite from the running. Sometimes over a mile between obstacles up and down muddy hills
  3. I was the slow guy in the group and that sucked
    Like I said, the running. For the most part I was okay at the 60 second bursts of climbing over mud hills or under barbed wires. But the pain I was in took running off the table for longer then a minute at a time.
  4. I was in pain for roughly 8.5 of the ten miles with most of the pain coming from my calves violently cramping
    I hydrated before the event like I was never going to drink fluids again too. Don't know why that happened.
  5. Although I was disappointed in my performance, the whole thing was worth it
    I didn't really train for it so I don't know what I was expecting
  6. I did learn one important thing though
    Apparently this is the face I make when I'm being electrocuted
  7. I'm signed up for my next one in July.
    Now that I know what doing a Tough Mudder entails, I will train for it.....probably.