There are no good airports.
  1. Las Vegas
    It was just slot machines and construction.
  2. Heathrow
    That one terminal is really far away from the others. Who thought that was a good idea?
  3. LAX
    Similar situation. That weird U-shape means you can see exactly where you need to go, but it takes ages to get there, and sometimes a bus ride. Although rechecking bags from international to domestic was super easy so, points for that.
  4. Newark
    The only layover I've had here was super quick, but I did wait FOREVER for a train out of there once. It wasn't great.
  5. Kuwait
    Got stuck here, but couldn't go outside because I didn't have a visa. Not technically the fault of the airport, but not a great experience.
  6. Mumbai domestic
    Still segregate the security lines by gender (at least the last time I was there). That one restaurant downstairs is pretty ok though. Lines like crazy.
  7. Oakland
    Getting out of this airport was pretty confusing.
  8. Albany
    Okay normally. TERRIBLE at handling crowds.
  9. That one Chicago Airport I ran through.
    Pretty sure it was Midway, but it might have been O'Hare. Thanks for being pretty easy to run through. I guess that snowstorm isn't really you're fault.
  10. Mumbai international
    Improved by approximately 100% since I started going there.
  11. JFK
    Quality varies a lot by terminal. Pain to get to. Pretty great views coming in.
  12. Mini-ranking of very small domestic airports.
    1. Queenstown, NZ (straightforward as hell). 2. Newburgh, NY (so small they basically didn't have security). 3. Jamnagar (perfectly fine, but far from town)
  13. Dunedin
    Easy, breezy, pretty far from the city.
  14. Wellington
    Giant eagle in the entrance. Sold a ton of alcohol.
  15. Vienna
    Very obvious about stamping your passport, which I appreciate.
  16. Auckland
    Straightforward. That one woman was very nice when I cried about having to check a second bag. Pretty far from the CBD, but it looks great from the air.
  17. Airports I've definitely been to but don't really remember
    Atlanta, BWI, De Gaulle, Frankfurt, an airport in Florida, Kenyatta, Mombasa, Lusaka,