1. Dale Cooper
  2. I don't have more than that. Help me out, guys!
  3. Obvs his brain is awesome, but add in the whole entire character development of Reid and I'm sold
    Suggested by   @libby92
  4. Dave Rygalski - Gilmore Girls
    This boy is perfection ❤️ He was so so sweet and so so perfect for Lane
    Suggested by   @shreyasaurus
  5. Every other character Kyle MacLachlan ever played, except for "Showgirls"
    He's just so great.
    Suggested by   @angusisley
  6. Sam Seaborn- The West Wing
    Rob Lowe and a beautiful display of the political process? Be still my heart.
    Suggested by   @afrand3
  7. Jim Halpert
    Need I say more
    Suggested by   @carrottopclark