I edited it!
  1. Another Round
    Consistently thoughtful and funny. Somehow, even when they're asking tough questions, I like their guests (even) better at the end.
  2. The first Farts & Procreation ep of Comedy Bang! Bang!
    CBB can be kind of hit or miss for me, but I've listened to this like 4 times this year.
  3. The Poscast with Joe Posnanski and Michael Schur
    Mostly silly. Not great sound quality. But genuinely enjoyable. Plus makes me appreciate baseball a thousand times more.
  4. Pop Culture Happy Hour
    They usually talk about something broad, along with the specific piece they're discussing, so it's worthwhile even if you haven't seen it. Some great guests spots from other NPR-ers like Audie Cornish or Gene Demby. Special shout-out to the great, but short and infrequent, Giant Foam Finger sports podcast within a podcast. I love it and wish it was longer and more often.
  5. Vulture TV Podcast
    Good words about TV.
  6. The Great Debates
    I love a good argument about hotel check-in times.