1. Namer-in-Chief
    I just name things: bands, colors, shoes, cars, movies, anything.
  2. Person who tells you who the person in the movie/tv show is and what other thing they were in that you saw.
    Surely there's a rich person who wants this? I do it for my mom all the time so I have experience. Will tell you the voice overs in commercials and the voice actors in animated things for extra.
  3. Provider of random, tangentially-related sports facts
    I'm sure there's a market for this.
  4. Animal namer
    Will name your pets for a fee. Also other animals.
  5. Shoe chooser
    I choose shoes for your outfit. Can be hired for special occasions or to add shoes to everyday outfits. I understand that stylists exist, but I would just choose shoes. Complementary services.
  6. Snap opinion giver
    "I hate that" "that's okay" "that's excellent"