Inspired by @nathanveshecco. I really don't remember. Most of these could have happened at any point between 9 and 13.
  1. The year is 2004
    But then it becomes 2005, because that's how ages work??? This is gonna be a mess.
  2. I turned 11
    In Malindi, Kenya. Made chocolate cake in a broiler pan. Got the recipe from the Internet cafe next to Bar Bar.
  3. I was super mad I had to miss my family's annual vacation
    So mad. I was kind of a brat since I was going to see the other side of my family who I only saw every other year, at that point.
  4. Probably still super into the Lord of the Rings at this point
    I think I read the 3rd book on a bunch of planes(?)
  5. Vague memory of listening to Gypsy while in a tent in Zambia
  6. This may have been one of the years I had a purple velvet bikini
    One of the top 5 clothing items I've owned in my life so far.
  7. I graduated elementary school
    I mostly don't remember this
  8. The 6th Harry Potter book came out the day before my (now) sister-in-law's bridal shower.
    She, being very cool, said "you have to hang out with people for a little bit but then you can go read."
  9. I think I wanted to be a librarian
  10. Maybe I started pointe this year, but that might have been at 12
    Either way I was not good at it
  11. The Postal Service
  12. Played a bunch of soccer, never practiced the piano or the clarinet.
    I think my piano teacher around this time was the woman with all the ferrets.
  13. Went to Montreal with school
    There was a very cool labyrinth. But my friend cheated and slipped through the bars because she was so small and they were not happy with us. This might have been a year earlier.
  14. Our TV was so small and shitty it only got used for sports and we watched movies on our computer because the screen was bigger
  15. Edit: was reminded by @lame 's list that Confessions came out that year. Very important.