A definitive list of my opinions
  1. Jen Barkley
    Aspirational. The real number one.
  2. Charlie Kelly
    I once said "Charlie Kelly is my nightmare man" and it's still true.
  3. April Ludgate
    Like 5 people have said she reminds them of me, which is maybe true if I was a thousand times less insecure and anxious.
  4. Ben Wyatt
    My dream man
  5. Peggy Olson
    Also aspirational.
  6. Gina Linetti
    Nightmare aspirational
  7. Betty Draper
    Weird, cold women part I
  8. Louise Belcher
  9. Violet Baudelaire
  10. Megan Calvet
    I don't understand how people didn't like her
  11. Hermione Granger
    My original frizzy-haired nerd.
  12. Nick Miller
    I feel like we have the same flaws.
  13. Lindsay Weir
  14. Elizabeth Jennings
    Weird, cold women part II
  15. Pam Beesly
    We all know who this show was really about.
  16. Max Blum
  17. Joan Holloway
  18. Ilana & Abbi
    Together and separately