A definitive list of my opinions
  1. Jen Barkley
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    Aspirational. The real number one.
  2. Charlie Kelly
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    I once said "Charlie Kelly is my nightmare man" and it's still true.
  3. April Ludgate
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    Like 5 people have said she reminds them of me, which is maybe true if I was a thousand times less insecure and anxious.
  4. Ben Wyatt
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    My dream man
  5. Peggy Olson
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    Also aspirational.
  6. Gina Linetti
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    Nightmare aspirational
  7. Betty Draper
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    Weird, cold women part I
  8. Louise Belcher
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  9. Violet Baudelaire
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  10. Megan Calvet
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    I don't understand how people didn't like her
  11. Hermione Granger
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    My original frizzy-haired nerd.
  12. Nick Miller
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    I feel like we have the same flaws.
  13. Lindsay Weir
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  14. Elizabeth Jennings
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    Weird, cold women part II
  15. Pam Beesly
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    We all know who this show was really about.
  16. Max Blum
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  17. Joan Holloway
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  18. Ilana & Abbi
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    Together and separately