I mean nitty gritty, specific rules, not philosophical, ideal rules. Not applicable to others (unless you want, I guess).
  1. No sweatpants outside of the home
    It's a slippery slope from wearing sweatpants to do laundry to wearing pajamas to class. *This does not apply to leggings.*
  2. Cookies should not be crunchy
    It shouldn't be necessary to dip them in a beverage to make them edible. That should be an option, not a requirement.
  3. Notre Dame, the church in Paris, and Notre Dame, the college in Indiana, are pronounced differently.
  4. Spinach is the best green
    Kale is also a great green, but not as great as spinach. Chard is also good. This isn't a rule so much as a fact.
  5. No flat whites
    They're just... not good. I lived in New Zealand for a bit, which is like flat white capital of the world, and I tried so many. Too much milk.
  6. Hot/cooked fruit is a waste of fruit
    And energy and time.
  7. If you're wearing a hoodie, you don't need to wear a real shirt underneath
  8. There's is never a situation in which you should root for the Yankees.
    Literally not a single hypothetical.