Edit: Called "The Most Condescending Smile" because someone said that to me once
  1. How Many Alarms? (Twelve)
    Samples the sounds of all 12 of my alarms.
  2. I Don't Know
  3. (Moving Back In With Your Parents Has Its) Perks
  4. I Want To Leave Right Now
  5. Driving Culture
    A musical screed against poor public transit
  6. Indian But I Only Wear Silver
    About being mixed.
  7. Don't Know Shit About Wine, But I'm Gonna Drink It Anyway
  8. Tomato Juice Tastes Better On Planes
  9. I'm Anxious About This
  10. Yeah (We Can Make Out for a While, but Then I'm Going To Leave This Bar)
  11. A Low Bar for Self-Improvement
  12. This Took A Lot Longer That It Should Have
  13. To Iceland (And Everywhere Else I've Never Been)