1. That time I was serenaded by a very drunk man in my friends' apartment
  2. "I don't know that I believe anything I'm saying." - Frances Ha
  3. Ice cream
  4. That time the Diamondbacks intentionally walked Barry Bonds with the bases loaded
  5. Leslie Knope rapping Parents Just Don't Understand
  6. Sports moments I'm upset about
  7. Sports moments I'm happy about
  8. That time I watched Chopped for 6+ hours with my roommate during a snow day after drinking a bottle of wine
  9. Michelle Williams' dress from the 2006 Oscars
  10. Linsanity
  11. That time I was drunk at a party, said "fuck the Yankees" very loudly, and got into a fight with a guy I'd never met about football.
  12. Mangos