Just in case @andycohen ever expands the brand to include socially awkward women.
  1. I'm stronger than the things I run into
  2. It may look like I have it all--oh it doesn't? Yeah that makes sense
  3. To some people, living awkwardly is just a way of life
  4. I'm not here for a good time I'm here for the free food
  5. I may not have a boyfriend but I do have a SAMs card
  6. I surround myself with a fabulous group of people and by people I mean dogs
  7. I don't need my glasses to read you, honey
  8. I may look 16 but I live like a 70 yr old
  9. Life is a marathon and I hate running
  10. I may only be 5'1" but you still can't reach my level
  11. Only way to create a great dish is by stirring the pot
  12. I may have a horrible sense of direction but I'll find my way eventually
  13. I may run into things but I never fall for your lies
  14. I may not have 20/20 vision but I can still see straight through you, honey