I've been thinking a lot about Bumpers today. I've felt really uninspired about it until today's whopping 15-minute ramble. Suggest some recordings, if you like.
  1. Why I got out of the habit of reading while I was getting my degree, and why I can't manage to get back into it now that I've graduated.
    This sounds like a metacognitive snooze fest, tbh.
  2. The memories of my childhood that my parents swear never happened.
    Kind of funny.
  3. Stuff about Game of Thrones/ ASOIAF
    Put me out of my misery, I am obsessed over here, and it's all I think about. Maybe this can be a conversation? Maybe this could be a series? On the other hand, I don't really know what I can add to this universe. There are so many analyses on this in the world.
  4. Dreams.
    Not always, but sometimes, I awake with the ability to recall my dreams. They're usually out there, of course. Could be a series, I guess.
  5. Just me talking about Jurassic Park.
    I'll just pretend someone said that the man was pooping before being eaten by the T-Rex, and then I'll just naturally be able to talk about how wrong that is for like 90 minutes.