I read something about the color choices on Breaking Bad, and then I promptly re-watched the entire series. I thought BB was genius when I watched it before, now it blows my mind.
  1. The color wheel
    It is a ton more complex than I can even begin to wrap my head around, and includes relationships between primary and secondary colors, the position on the wheel relative to other colors, and even relating colors to character's names.
  2. Beige meaning: rich, not quite innocent, no threat.
    Walt wears quite a lot of beige in the beginning because he's a harmless, sickly teacher. Both Walt and Skyler tend to wear a lot of beige toward the end of the series, especially after Walt says he's out of the meth business. My fave beige moment is Elliott's birthday party where everyone is wearing beige EXCEPT Walt and Skyler who have no money, and an inexpensive gift.
  3. Green meaning: money, greed, envy
    Saul wears at least some green almost every time you see him. Walt wears a lot of green in the beginning stages of his cooking. Skyler wears green from time to time when she takes steps toward dealing with Walt's money. My fave green moment is when Walt Jr. wears green when he sets up the donation website for his father's treatment.
  4. Yellow meaning: *meth*, but also fear, toughness, optimism
    Jesse is basically always wearing yellow until close to the end of the series. Gus, Gale, and others associated with the cartel wear yellow frequently. Hank and Gomez wear yellow dealing with cartel. Jesse and Walt cook in yellow protective suits. Etc. etc. Fave yellow moment: while Walt and Hank confront each other in Hank's garage, a kid plays with a yellow rc car outside. Constantly audible, buzzing like a fly during the intense scene.
  5. Blue meaning: purity, coldness, loyalty, power
    Walt's super pure meth is blue. Jesse was wearing blue when Jane did not introduce him to her dad. Todd wears blue when he starts cooking with Walt. Skyler, Walt, Lydia, (you name it, basically), wear blue when they make power plays. Fave blue moment: Huell and Kuby wear blue when they could run off with Walt's millions, but they don't.
  6. Red/ Orange meaning: violence and aggression. Orange also denotes humor. Red denotes murder.
    I combined these because Hank typically wears orange or red, and he's angry much of the time. Saul and Badger wear orange sometimes when they're hilarious. Walt wears TWO red shirts when he threatens Skyler that he "is the danger." Fave red moment: Lydia shows off her Louboutin red soles when she sets up the murder of the men running the failing meth operation.
  7. Gray meaning: depression, guilt, mourning, revenge, regret
    Those sexy twins wear a lot of gray when they're hunting Walt or Hank to avenge Tuco's death. Jesse wears gray when he's grieving Jane. Walt Jr. wears gray the last time we see him when he's broken inside. Fave gray moment: the source of much bitterness for Walt is his selling of his shares of Gray Matter Technologies
  8. Black meaning: death, evil, deception
    Walt covers himself in black when he becomes Heisenberg, and wears more and more black regularly as he gets increasingly evil and secretive. Tomas wears black when he shoots Combo. Characters who represent death (Mike and Jane) wear mostly black. Fave black moment: "Say my name."
  9. White meaning: relative innocence
    Combo is decked out in full white when Tomas shoots him. Marie is wearing her white lab coat when Hank or Skyler are their meanest to her. Not a lot of innocence in this show, as a matter of fact. Fave white moment: Mike, who usually wears black, wears white when he is killed by Walt.
  10. Pink meaning: naïveté, youth, tragedy
    Baby holly always *always* wears pink. Jane's bedroom has a lot of pink, which we see after her death. Walt wears pink when the plane crash happens. Fave pink moment: Saul wears pink when he shows up worried about Huell going missing.
  11. Purple meaning: protection, complete lack of involvement with meth
    Marie is one of those purple people, so she and her house are covered in it (it's where Hank takes Jesse to hide him from Walt). Fave purple moment: Saul wears purple as he goes into hiding and changing his identity at the end of the series.
  12. No color (nudity) meaning: transparency, nothing to hide
    Walt is still stripped down to his undies when he records a confession to his family when he thinks he will be arrested after cooking in the RV. Jesse is shirtless as he sleeps while Walt watches Jane die, and when he tries to resuscitate Jane. Jesse and Jane are naked or getting dressed when they open up to each other. Fave colorless moment: Walt is shirtless when he accepts his cancer and shaves his head.