Why is this a thing?
  1. Every family I've ever eaten Thanksgiving dinner with has done Thanksgiving at like 3:00, with no explanation.
    My parents, my extended family, my sister's in-laws, my ex's family, my fiance's family.
  2. We do it at my boyfriends moms house at 4 pm because it's like a late lunch early dinner. So you don't have to worry about lunch. Because if you get hungry later you can just have more thanksgiving dinner.
    Suggested by @bsizzle33
  3. Because a 25lb. turkey takes about 5 hours to cook.
    If you get up at 8am, take out the turkey, boil the giblets, make the dressing, stuff the turkey AND get it in the oven by 10am, well it's about 3pm when it's done 😊
    Suggested by @angela3950
  4. Yes. And I don't know why.
    Always assumed there was so much prep you ate when it was all ready... but early enough for leftovers for the second meal at 8 or so (so there was no additional prep). Gratuitous photo of the Bigfoot cherry pie I made. (The Bigfoot apple pie is in the oven right now...)
    Suggested by @andersun
  5. Yes. The Cowboys game is always at 3 so thats when people start showing up. Also have done it at 11 because people had to go to the game.
    Suggested by @aus10
  6. Growing up we usually ate mid-afternoon. 3:00 sounds about right. I always felt like we ate then so you'd be really hungry (only snacks and no real lunch) and able to eat a lot. Then we'd have dessert later more or less instead of dinner.
    Suggested by @ladyprofessor
  7. We eat around noon because who wants to put all of that awesomeness off until later?
    Suggested by @culture_czar
  8. 3pm, every year
    And every year, someone asks why I'm not that hungry. Um because it's the fucking middle of the afternoon? I don't understand it. I wish I knew.
    Suggested by @taylormorley