I'm sure I forgot plenty.
  1. K-Mart
    The only thing I remember about this one was asking my chaperone if I could walk home, and she was meanwhile ignoring her son, who was asking for a quarter for a sticker machine. This may have been kindergarten or first grade. What is there to see at K-Mart? So weird.
  2. Dominos Pizza
    This was during the height of the Void the Noid ad campaign, and I remember getting a button with the noid on it. They showed us how they make pizzas. This might have been the day I realized that I actually did like pizza, I just didn't like meat lovers pizza, like my parents always got. Kindergarten, I think.
  3. An orange grove
    Definitely first grade. My mom was a chaperone, so I got to choose my group. I remember my mom smoking in the car (chaperones used to drive groups of kids, I don't think that's a thing anymore). I think we did a tractor pull? The orange grove also grew sugarcane, and I remember that each kid got a piece at the end, and we sucked on the sugar cane on the way back to school.
  4. Movie theater
    I remember two field trips to the movie theater. Once to watch Fern Gully (1st grade, according to IMDB), and once for Aladdin (second grade). They showed us a projection room, and how the popcorn machine works. Both of these field trips ended with overly-energetic boys quoting Robin Williams.
  5. Olive Garden
    They showed us how they made the pasta in house, and how they made giant meatballs, then we all got to eat pasta with a giant meatball. This was a trip in third grade where we got to meet our pen pals from another school.
  6. Dreher Park Zoo (now known as Palm Beach Zoo)
    I have no frame of reference for when this may have been, and I might have gone on multiple field trips here. I just remember hating it. My family always visited Lion Country Safari, which was way cooler because the animals come up to your car, then you get to go to what was basically a playground with a petting zoo. The Dreher Park Zoo was just a boring place where you could never see the animals, and your feet hurt.
  7. (I started school in Jacksonville the day they had a St. Augustine field trip, and to this day I've never been to the lighthouse. This was awful because the first day of my new fourth grade was spent with the bad kids who weren't allowed to go, and all the faculty and staff seemed to assume I had done something wrong.)
  8. The Florida Theater
    This was later in my new fourth grade class, we went to see a production of the Miracle Worker. I remember we had to dress up, and my mom made me wear the most embarrassing sweater. I also remember all of the students laughing uncontrollably during the dramatic scenes where Helen Keller had a tantrum, especially when Anne Sullivan slapped her.
  9. The Jacksonville Zoo.
    Much better Zoo, although my feet still hurt. I don't really remember this, but I have pictures. Fifth grade.
  10. Suwannee River
    I just remember being at a park, and there was a band playing, and my friends were dancing. Fifth grade.
  11. Universal Studios
    This was the special sixth grade field trip for safety patrol. I wasn't in safety patrol, but I did run the school supply store, so I was invited. I only remember standing in line for T2-3D, and all the boys saying "I'll be back" in their best Arnold voice.