1. Spoiler alert?
  2. I basically just listed the entire movie, I'm sorry
  3. Just don't even read any of this.
  4. Burning hospitals
  5. Wind farm
  6. Lady with amnesia
  7. Car races in the middle of the desert
  8. RPMs!
  9. High fives
  10. Panic attacks
  11. Cool dad having trouble adjusting to domestic life.
  12. Visiting your own grave
  13. The Rock's desk job
  14. Assassin Jason Statham
  15. The Rock-Jason Statham office building fight
  16. Exploded office buildings
  17. The Rock risked his life for his hot employee
  18. Sister confides in her brother
  19. Mail bombs
    This move has been on for ten minutes, and there have been three explosions
  20. The Rock in a hospital bed
  21. Vengeance
  22. Gorgeous Dominican beach mansions
  23. Tokyo
  24. Funerals
  25. Featuring Ludacris
  26. Street chases
  27. Head-on-collisions
  28. Mysterious government suit men
  29. Secret government hangar beer selection
  30. Djimon Hounsou
  31. Big Brother is watching
  32. Biometric data
  33. Tyreese sums up the impossible plan
  34. Comic releif
  35. Skydiving in a car
  36. Cold feet
  37. Motorcades
  38. Tony. Fucking. Jaa.
  39. Bus cannons
  40. Everyone assumed the hacker would be a man.
  41. Missundei from Game of Thrones
  42. Dangerous rescue mission mountain road car chases
  43. RPGs
  44. Teetering on a cliff
  45. Life-saving drift!
  46. Playing it cool immediately after a near-death experience.
  47. Straight up driving off a cliff!
  48. Family values
  49. Camels
  50. U.A.E. Excess
  51. Sexy slow-mo getting-out-of-the-water scene
  52. Jordanian prince party
  53. Formal wear
  54. Flashbacks
  55. Gold-painted models
  56. T-pain
  57. Sexy lady personal body guards
  58. Server hacking
  59. Thigh holsters
  60. Security override
  61. Priceless art
  62. Priceless car
  63. Ronda Rousey kicking ass in a gown and getting beat somehow?
  64. Driving a priceless car through a fancy party
  65. Driving a priceless car out of the window of one skyscraper, and into the window of a second skyscraper.
  66. Driving a priceless car out of the window of the second skyscraper, and into the window of a third skyscraper.
  67. Dramatically destroying a priceless car.
  68. Jason Statham eating alone in a... Warehouse?
  69. Night vision sunglasses
  70. Where are you getting all these grenades?
  71. Are they still in the UAE? How does Paul Walker know where to go?
  72. Promises.
  73. "This is probably goodbye" call to your wife
  74. Unveiling the trusty old car for one last important ride
  75. Dramatically getting ready for war montage set to hard rock music
  76. Helicopter surveilence
  77. "Initializing"
  78. What is that aircraft?
    Does a Predator have jets?
  79. Holy shit this chase sequence is crazy
  80. There they go again playing chicken
  81. This program is taking too long to finish initializing.
  82. I never thought they would actually shoot at each other
  83. The tower exploded!
  84. Signal lost!
  85. Insane full-speed jump to a different car
  86. Oh shit! The Rock is pissed!
  87. The Rock just busted out of his arm cast!
  88. A good old-fashioned pipe-swinging fight
  89. Missiles
  90. Tony Jaa rematch
  91. The Rock just drove an ambulance off an overpass, shot a drone, ripped its Gatling gun out, and is just fucking everything up.
  92. Menacing stare
  93. A collapsing parking garage
  94. He drove his car into the helicopter in mid-air!
  95. Exploding helicopter
  96. Dramatic near-death scare
  97. Maximum security prison
  98. Bittersweet memories
  99. Crying real tears of sadness.