1. Hodor
    It's pretty common knowledge that Kristian Nairn is a DJ, as he does his 'Rave of Thrones' tours. If you're into that sort of thing, I understand he's pretty good. If he came near my town, I'd go just to be surrounded by GOT fans.
  2. Myrcella #2
    True story: the first time I saw the name Nell Tiger Free, I said "oh, she's definitely a singer," And I was right. I don't know what she's actually doing with her career, but she's got a pretty voice, and one boring song on her soundcloud.
  3. Grey Worm
    Jacob Anderson uses the stage name Raleigh Ritchie for his alternative hip hop project. He writes really thoughtful songs, and all of his music videos are really cool. I bought his album. I'm a fan.
  4. Ramsey Snow-Bolton
    When I first learned Iwan Rheon was a singer songwriter, I expected him to be awful because I hate Ramsey so much. Well, he's incredible. His voice sounds like boozy caramel, and now I have a crush on Ramsey.
  5. Bronn of Blackwater
    In the mid-90s, Jerome Flynn was one half of an English pop duo. He's got a nice voice, which is featured on GOT occasionally. I like when Bronn sings, but Jerome Flynn's music is just not my style.
  6. Osha
    Just as you might expect, Natalia Tena is the lead singer of a really quirky band. The band is called Molotov Jukebox, and it is a fun listen. Her voice is amazing. Here she is all by herself.