I usually go all out for a Halloween costume, only to have nowhere to wear it, so I didn't plan one this year. Then of course I was invited to a party with a week to plan 🙃
  1. This.
    Then my fiance told me it was a heroes and villains themed party.
  2. Bellatrix LeStrange
    But her dress is complicated, and I'm pretty busy this week.
  3. Narcissa Malfoy
    First I thought she was a villain, but like, she saved Harry's life. Is she a hero? She's just motivated by love for her family. She's so complex, ugh. Pass.
  4. Rita Repulsa
    I'm way too busy for this.
  5. Nurse Ratched
    My fiancé said no one would get it.
  6. Mama Fratelli
    I think no one would get it because I'm not old enough. Maybe another time.
  7. Elle Driver
    Probably going as Elle Driver