I love them to death, but Jesus Christ.
  1. Bring a lot of liquor, even when you are primarily a beer drinker.
    I brought an entire bottle each of gin and vodka for three nights.
  2. Bring Aleve
    I just went ahead and took one every seven hours or so to prevent the headaches.
  3. Bring every game you own
    Because they will veto the shit out of whatever game they asked you a week ago to bring.
  4. Bring a lighter even though you don't smoke.
    Because they will lose theirs, and all hell will break out.
  5. Bring snacks
    So that you don't starve while everyone else argues about what to eat.
  6. Bring your own towel.
    Because even though there are four people, and four towels, you won't have a towel available when you try to shower.
  7. Bring thick lotion and big fuzzy socks
    Or whatever you like to have to chill out after being infuriatingly interrupted all day.
  8. Make sure you have time to unwind after you get home
    Take a nap, do some reading, finally sit in blissful silence. Keep this time for yourself instead of jumping right back into work.