V important life skill.
  1. First let me get out of the way that Property Brothers marathons are the perfect background noise for when you are working on a project of any sort.
    Since my fiancé and I can never agree on music, this is our solution. It's just interesting enough to listen to and glance at every once in a while, without getting totally sucked in. This was on our tv all weekend, and for some reason I have acquired this knowledge whereas my fiancé is wrong 100% of the time.
  2. Profession
    Perhaps the easiest way to tell them apart. Drew is the real estate agent, Jonathan is the contractor.
  3. Attire
    It is not always clear who is doing what, especially in the beginnings and ends of each episode. Jonathan is typically more casual, Drew admits to being more "metrosexual."
  4. Accessories
    Sometimes they're both pretty much dressed up. Drew is more likely to wear a watch, and also has a wedding band. Jonathan typically does not wear jewelry.
  5. Hair
    If you are still unsure, Drew keeps his hair shorter, and Jonathan's is usually longer.
  6. Attitude
    Well, be careful. Jonathan is usually known as the funny one, but Drew is also really funny. You're better off using a different method to be safe.
  7. Smile
    If you've done something to anger them, and now they're openly fucking with you, Jonathan has a crooked smile, Drew does not.
  8. Battle scars
    This is perfectly normal for me to know because I read it in an interview when I was absentmindedly googling them... Jonathan has a scar between his eyes, Drew does not.
  9. Handedness
    What are you doing where this is what you have to go by? I don't even want to know. Drew is left-handed, and Jonathan is right-handed. I googled it, you're welcome.
  10. Still lost?
    It's really easy, come on.