1. I screwed up, and it has caused me to need to push my internship back a semester.
    I have cried about this a ton in the last two weeks, and it was really embarrassing, and I'm super angry at myself.
  2. I haven't seen/heard Lemonade.
    I think it aired the weekend before finals, I don't feel like getting a new streaming music service, and is it available on HBO NOW?
  3. I am confused about how everyone seems to have seen Hamilton.
    It's on Broadway, yeah? Is it on the Internet somewhere, or does everyone just afford to go to NYC and watch Broadway shows?
  4. I can't find the new listers.
    Seriously, I'm seeing all these welcoming posts, and reminders to follow new listers just like back in October, but am I missing some master list somewhere because I want to follow them?
  5. I have loved every single thing I got at Trader Joe's.
    So thanks for introducing me. I'll be going there all the time, even though it's super out of my way.