I watched Home Alone about two weeks ago, merry Draftmas.
  1. Who brings twelve kids on a trip to France?
  2. Why decorate your house for Christmas, if you're not even going to be home?
  3. Mike Maronna is one of the brothers! Why don't I have Pete and Pete on dvd?
    Answer: season 3 was never released, season one is relatively hard/expensive to find.
  4. Kevin has done that face-slap scream thing at least three times already, which is way more than I remember.
  5. Joe Pesci does that cursing thing where he sounds like he just mumbles "razza frazza razza frazza" over and over.
  6. John Candy plays a stereotypical Wisconsin man of Central European ancestry.
  7. Here comes the previously terrifying flawed older person to impart all of his wisdom.
  8. And Kevin gives wisdom right back.
  9. If this movie took place today, the burglars would sue the Mcallisters, and the parents be arrested for child neglect.