1. Is it still Draftmas?
    This is an edit, but a question I'm afraid to ask anyway.
  2. Was Laguna Beach real or fictional?
    It was a spinoff of the OC, right?
  3. Why do the republicans who talk about Jesus the most also hate people the most?
    Always trying to screw over immigrants, gay people, sick people, poor people, middle-class people? I'm no expert, but I was under the impression that Jesus wanted his children to follow his lead.
  4. How does anyone feel comfortable wearing hats in public?
    I feel like employees think I'm trying to hide my identity, and being shady af. Forgive me if I didn't want to wash my hair.
  5. Why do so many people go to Disney World?
    As a Floridian, I have been there enough times and I don't get it. There are better rides with shorter lines at universal studios. It gets more expensive every year. It's not as good as the beloved movies. Sorry.
  6. Why is Chris Brown still allowed to be famous?
    Or anyone who is guilty of abuse? Don't tell me he's not replaceable. He's definitely replaceable.
  7. How does everyone make their house smell so good?
    My house smells sterile like cleaning supplies. Candles and plug-ins do nothing.
  8. Why do people watch sad movies on purpose?
    No one warned me about the Notebook, but like why would anyone willingly watch My Sister's Keeper? No, I don't want to watch the Fault in Our Stars, have you lost your mind?
  9. Why aren't there more Asian people in American tv and movies?
    Pls change this so I don't have to explain to my future children why no one on tv looks like their dad.
  10. The fact that people like wine is a huge elaborate prank, right?
    Let's pretend we like this so Randi will keep drinking it and suffer. How long do you think you can keep up this con?
  11. Explain how to use a brush to put my own hair into a perfect ponytail?
    Keep in mind I have got only two hands.
  12. Do people eat mcmuffins?
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    Do you see this shit that McDonald's has pulled on Florida? We finally get breakfast all day, and can't even enjoy it? Customer preference my ass, no one polled me.