1. I think my hair stylist dumped me?
  2. First let me make it clear that I am not the kind of person who likes having a hair stylist.
    I hate small talk, I hate feeling like I'm being judged by fancy women, I hate getting my nails done (even pedicures), I hate being doted on, I hate feeling high maintenance, and I hate spending more than I need to because I'm broke.
  3. But my fiance's best friend from high school is a stylist, and she talked me into going to her.
  4. I've been going to her for about three years. She worked in a salon at the mall by my apartment, and I continued to drive across town for her when I bought my house because...
  5. She's the kind of person who would be offended if I didn't.
  6. And also because at the end of every appointment, she would schedule me for an appointment six weeks later.
  7. Then, in December she happened to move to a salon right by my house, where I saw her in January on my previously agreed-upon appointment.
  8. And at the end of the appointment she disappeared.
  9. And the woman who took my money was not really paying any attention to me, she was talking to someone else through the whole transaction.
  10. And so six weeks went by.
  11. And now six months 😬
  12. And I really need a haircut.
  13. But now the problem is that I actually do have my eye on a new hairstyle, and I'm afraid to go to anyone else.
  14. Because I know what it's like to have a hair stylist fail me.
  15. But I texted her a week ago, and nothing.
  16. I'm unwilling to mention any of this to my fiancé because he'll just call her, and it will be this big thing, because that's how their friendship works.
  17. Why can't I just be normal?