1. Key lime pie from Publix
    Since my birthday was during summer vacation, I didn't always have birthday parties. Sometimes we were on family vacation, and that meant we were camping in the Fl Keys. After fishing or catching hermit crabs on the shore, a nice slice of key lime pie with a birthday candle was a great way to end the day. The taste still takes me back. I should go get one today.
  2. Does McDonald's still host birthday parties?
    I gave invitations to my whole kindergarten class on the last day of school. We played in the play place, got happy meals, and I got a fry kid piñata. I remember many of my friends having the same party. Kids parties now seem much more elaborate?
  3. Discovery Zone was so great
    This was my last birthday where I invited my whole class (second grade), and some boy I hardly knew gave me a Polaroid camera, and I will never forget that. My sister made me a Ren and Stimpy cake.
  4. OJ Simpson Ruined my 9th birthday
    For my ninth birthday, my mom took me and my friend, Tara, to Sea World. But June 17, 1994 was also the day that OJ Simpson led LAPD on a low-speed chase in a white Bronco. Tara and I woke up AMPED, but my mom switched on the news while we ate Kix out of solo cups in our hotel room. There she sat, transfixed on the tv as the hours dragged on by.
  5. Ten with no friends
    A few months after moving across state, I didn't have enough friends yet for a party. My mom opted to make my birthday party a personal "shopping spree," but what the hell do ten year old tomboys want from the mall in 1995? A couple CDs I think.
  6. Girls laughing
    Eleven through 17 were just a handful of girls drinking soda and eating cake. Maybe we went to the beach, maybe it was a simple sleepover.
  7. Great American Cookie
    On my eighteenth birthday, my boyfriend and my best friend took me to the mall after hours where my friend was a key holder at the giant cookie place. We made a Dora the Explorer cookie cake, and it was v exciting.
  8. Mistakes were made
    My 21st birthday was when my ex husband proposed.
  9. Free booze
    Because I was such a homebody, it took me until my 25th birthday to figure out that people will buy you drinks.