1. Baskin-Robbins
    Do you know in South Korea, there's a Baskin-Robbins every 2 meters? When I visited Korea, they had this blueberry aloe flavor and it was refreshing af and so damn good. I sent my feedback to corporate and asked if this flavor would be made available in the US. That was like four years ago and I still dream about it.
  2. Snickers
    As soon as Easter candy started popping up in stores, my heart started fluttering because I knew my favorite candy would be available-- snickers peanut butter eggs. But I can't find them ANYWHERE. I googled, and the only place that seems to have them is Amazon but, like, what if those are two years old or something? So I contacted snickers a week ago. Nothing. I know they're basically the same as snickers pb squared, and those are great, but I'm telling you the eggs are better.