Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. My fiancé is the environmental department of the local utilities company.
  2. As the sole member of the department, he has an on-call rotation, where he uses his work vehicle for the entire week. When his week is over, I pick him up from work.
  3. The lab he works in, downtown, was the former site of the municipal waterworks facility, which opened in 1884.
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    At the time it was, for some reason, a park. This was complete with a zoo, art gallery, mini golf, and Seminole Indian camp (yep). Meanwhile it provided the city with fresh water. A steam whistle, built in 1890, signaled the end of each world war, and still blows every day to mark the work day, and lunch hour. This isn't relative to the story, really, but I think it's interesting. Point is, this building has a rich history.
  4. Pumping water is a dangerous job, so naturally several turn-of-the-century gents have perished while drilling into the Floridan Aquifer.
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  5. The souls of these old-timey workers never left the facility.
  6. Some of Jason's coworkers have reported inexplicable lights and noises, figures in the windows, etc.
  7. Jason himself, frequently in the office after hours, has reported whole shelf-fulls of books suddenly falling off of walls, toilets flushing for no good reason, footsteps, utility carts rolling.
  8. One Monday afternoon, I go to pick Jason up. Everyone is already gone, and he's still running samples.
  9. I'm not dressed appropriately to safely enter the part of the lab he's in, so I wait in the hall.
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    Actual photo I took in the hall from outside the door Jason went through. The building has been expanded over the years, but that brick is over 100 years old.
  10. I'm alone.
  11. I hear papers being shuffled in the distance.
  12. I look through the little door-window where I can see Jason in a sub room of the lab, fiddling with machinery.
  13. I still hear papers, but there are no cars in the parking lot other than mine, and the few work trucks that belong at this lab. Everyone has left, and I'd like to be on my way as well.
  14. I tap on the window-- Sharply and impatiently with my fingernails to get Jason's attention. Without looking up, he holds up ten fingers to let me know ill be standing here for another sixth of an hour.
  15. But my tapping maybe drew some other attention. The paper shuffling stopped the very moment I tapped on that glass.
  16. Just then I was engulfed in freezing air.
  17. I stood there for a second, holding my breath to stay completely motionless.
  18. My heart raced.
  19. Nope. Nope. I'm not going out like this. I'll go wait in my car where no one ever died.
  20. I sprinted up the hall and down the stairs I entered through, but I don't work here and therefore CANT. BADGE. OUT.
  21. I stood in the stairwell. The Florida sun filtered in through the security windows, and I was warm again.
  22. I texted Jason to let him know I was waiting on the stairs, and to hurry.
  23. When the door opened, and the love of my life appeared at the top of the stairs, he quickly said "are you ok, you were coughing a lot."
  24. I didn't cough at all, let's go.