Nowhere is safe for me on the internet, but here.
  1. This is my ex, and he's in some local smoothie commercial, and the most random people keep sending it to me.
  2. He's never run a day in his life, he's actually medically unable to. But I run, so it's hilarious, right?
  3. He has zero credibility to be giving out running tips, but here he is.
  4. Wearing a wig, and overacting.
  5. I've actually never seen him somewhere other than sitting in front of World of Warcraft.
    You can tell from his posture that he still does that.
  6. He doesn't eat anything other than chicken nuggets and tater tots.
  7. List, I need you, I can't do this on Instagram.
  8. P.s. In retrospect, I know this list seems hateful.
    This guy used me.