1. Bambi Burnette (45)
    This is my aunt.
  2. The Hot Walker Band (45)
    This is the band my aunt was in in the 80s, along with some of my dad's close friends.
  3. The Hot Walker Band
    This was before my aunt joined. At the time that they released this album, Brian Prout was the drummer. He later became the drummer of Diamond Rio in the 90s
  4. Don Williams
    Greatest hits
  5. The whites
    Forever you
  6. Frank Zappa
    Sheik Yerbouti
  7. ZZ Top
  8. David Grisman
    The Rounder Album
  9. Emmylou Harris
    Roses in the Snow
  10. Tony Rice
  11. Tony Rice
    California Autumn
  12. Tony Rice
    Cold on the Shoulder
  13. Old & in the Way
  14. Don Williams
  15. The very best of Hank Williams
  16. Hank Williams Jr.
  17. Waylon Jennings
    Ol' Waylon
  18. Waylon Jennings
    Dreaming my Dreams
  19. The best of Don Williams vol. II
  20. Ricky Skaggs
    Sweet temptation
  21. Ricky Skaggs
    Highways and heartaches
  22. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
    Great songs and performances...
  23. Smokey 007
    In concert
  24. Bruce Springsteen
    Born in the USA
  25. Stanley Brothers
    20 Bluegrass Originals
  26. The Tennessee Rail Splitters
    Fiddling sounds of the old man from the mountain
  27. Tanya Tucker
  28. Buddy Thomas
    Kitty Puss
  29. Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
    Beloved overtures by Rossini and Suppe
  30. Johnny Rodriguez
    The greatest hits of
  31. Marty Robbins
    Greatest hits
  32. Linda Ronstadt
    What's new
  33. Ricky Skaggs
    Loves gonna get ya!
  34. Ricky Skaggs
    Don't cheat in our hometown
  35. Ricky Skaggs
    Live in London
  36. Ricky Skaggs
    Country boy
  37. Ricky Skaggs
    Waitin' for the sun to shine
  38. Ricky Skaggs
    Family and friends
  39. Willy Nelson and Kris Kristofferson
    Music from Song Writer
  40. Nitty gritty dirt band
    Plain dirt fashion
  41. Ted Nugent
    Scream dream
  42. Old originals volume two
  43. The Oak Ridge Boys
    ... have arrived
  44. Poco
  45. Pure Prairie League
    Bustin' out
  46. Eddie Rabbitt
    Radio Romance
  47. Leon Redbone
    Double Time
  48. Michael Alan Riech
    Within reach
  49. Johnny Rodriguez
    After the rain
  50. Bill Monroe
    The best of
  51. Martin Mull
    Sex & violins
  52. Waylon & Willie
  53. Willie Nelson
    Red headed stranger
  54. Willie Nelson
    Country winners
  55. Willie Nelson
    There'll be be no teardrops tonight
  56. Willie Nelson
    Columbus stockade blues &a other country favorites
  57. Willie Nelson
    Spotlight on Willie Nelson
  58. Willie Nelson
    Sweet memories
  59. Willie Nelson
  60. Leo Kottke
    Chewing pine
  61. Dave loggins
    One way ticket to paradise
  62. Doug Kershaw
    Devils elbow
  63. Loudon Wainwright III
    Album II
  64. Loudon Wainwright III
    T Shirt