Inspired by @semioccasional
  1. My fiancé, Jason
    How gross of me, right? Anyway, here he is eating froyo in full Jedi regalia. I can't live without this guy.
  2. Jason Momoa
    Very important. Simply by being around, he has motivated everyone to work out and look super sexy. Drinking buddy. Body guard. Occasionally he cracks a joke that gives everyone the giggles for the rest of the night.
  3. Jeffery Self
    I just think he's so funny and smart, and we could be best friends. He always tells me about Drag Race, and I have no idea what he's talking about, but it's my favorite thing. He always encourages me to be whoever the hell I want to be, and to be great at it.
  4. Kelly Oxford
    She helps me pick out clothes, decorate my house, and gives me the best advice. She's hilarious, and she's already friends with Jeffery Self, so instant squad. She gives me bit parts in her movies just as an excuse to let me hang out on set.
  5. Davos Seaworth
    He's here to make sure Jeffery and Kelly aren't getting me into too much trouble. Always knows the best places to eat in cities that I've never been to. Captains my yacht (lets Jason drive, sometimes).
  6. Suzy's basket kitten
    I can't have cats in real life anymore because Jason is allergic, but this is my dream, and I want a kitten who is chill and likes to be carried around.
  7. Jerry Douglas
    I've often considered that I'd like Jerry Douglas to follow me around playing dobro.
  8. Chiwetel Ejiofor
    He reads to me. He gets really into it, and does voices and sound effects and the whole shebang. Often tries to out-sexy Momoa... Wins sometimes.
  9. Franny from LoftSXM
    She seems super cool, and whenever Jerry needs a break, she always knows exactly the perfect thing to listen to (it's actually kind of spooky).
  10. This chicken who likes hugs