1. Oh the dishwasher is empty, that's so sweet!
  2. Aw, he knows I was busy, and he loves me!
  3. "Thank you, honey"
  4. Ok now I can put my stuff out for tomorrow morning so I won't be late for my final.
  5. Apple, granola, water bottle. I'm so on top of this shit. 🙋
  6. It's supposed to be cold, so I'm going to want some tea. I'll need my Tervis, which was...
  7. Oh no, it was in the dishwasher.
  8. Okay. NBD, It's in the kitchen somewhere.
  9. With the other travel cups?
  10. With the glasses?
    No, but I found a measuring cup. Good to know.
  11. Maybe where I keep the measuring cups?
  12. Think. If you were a guy, where would you put a Tervis cup?
  13. This doesn't make any sense, I've checked all the cupboards.
  14. It's not in the pantry.
  15. It's not in the decorative picnic basket above the fridge.
  16. It hasn't been left in the dishwasher.
  17. If I ask him, he'll feel bad.
  18. When I couldn't find the cutting boards that one time, he didn't help me again for months.
    I wasn't mean about it but I did think it was funny. He took it the wrong way.
  19. He'll never help me with putting things away again.
  20. The cutting boards were in the drawer with the sandwich bags, check there.
  21. How do I find this cup, and minimize the damage to his ego?
  22. No, I give up, I'll have to use one of these other cups.
  23. But these cups don't hold heat well, and just dribble lukewarm liquid everywhere, ugh.
  24. Why do I even still have these cups, why don't I have an arsenal of Tervis cups?
  25. Because they cost too much, because they CAN cost too much, because they're superior.
  26. This is such a stupid problem.
  27. My great grandmother in the Netherlands probably had to skin a hare for warmth.
  28. She would be so disappointed in me.
  29. 'Wahh! I can't find my special cup.' 👶
  30. Ugh.
  31. Screw it, I'll just be cold.