Requested by @veshecco
I've been in such a strange place, social media wise, that I completely missed this list request from @veshecco and now I feel awful (but at least I found it before Valentine's Day). He even put the request in 🗣ALL CAPS. What a gentleman!
  1. "The Chair" by George Strait
    This one pops to the front of my mind first because it's my parent's song. Even though they've been divorced for nearly twenty years, I think it's cute that they picked a song about some dude swindling a lady into a conversation in some honky tonk, which is basically how they met.
  2. "I'll follow you into the dark" Deathcab for Cutie
    I danced to this song with my ex husband at our wedding. I still love this song even though it's the only love I still have from that relationship.
  3. "Angel flying too close to the ground" by Willie Nelson
    I love Willie, and I cried when I saw him play this live.
  4. "Wake up" by Coheed and Cambria
    Cheesy af, and about someone who has to leave, but it beautifully describes some little moments between lovers. They're my favorite band, and they don't have many love songs, fight me.
  5. "There is a light that never goes out" the Smiths
    I've felt this way.
  6. "If I ever leave this world alive" Flogging Molly
    This song always catches me by surprise. It could be about anyone, and it even sounds a lot like it's about someone who died, but something about it is so pure, and full of love.
  7. "When you say nothing at all" Keith Whitley/ Alison Krauss
    Also not necessarily specific to lovers, but arguably one of the best love songs ever.
  8. "Tame" Cory Branan
    No one will ever write a song like this about me, and that thought kills me. Whenever he plays it live he says he wrote it for his wife long before he ever met her 😭